"In the last 3 years we’ve gained the highest CSI on the market reaching 64%."

Andrei Ivanenko

CEO at Samolet Moscow

Constructly Control increasing
profit by 3.5% a year
for top - 2 developer in Europe

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"It appeared more convenient than Excel spreadsheets and texting on WhatsApp…
The App actually reduced the amount
of paperwork, saving us time and money."

Vladimir Omelyan

SR-Group Chief tech supervisor

Constructly Control saving
up to 5% with proper defect management
for contractor SR-Group

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"Almost 5% profit growth in just a year, without the need for a long adoption process, is truly game changing."

Ayman El-Hashem

Samolet Group Managing Director of Development and Construction

Constructly AI Progress Tracking
increasing yearly gross margin
by 4.7% for top-2 developer in Europe

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